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Sponsor Willy Genius

Willy Ortiz

President / IT Consultant

My passion has always been in technology. I mentor students because I enjoy sharing my experience with others. Sponsor me to aid my journey in building a smarter future.

Sponsor Willy Genius

Sponsor Sandy Genius

Sandy Artiga

V. President / Marketing Consultant

Why do you enjoy mentoring? Why should donors sponsor you?

Sponsor Sandy Genius

Sponsor Jackie Genius Mentor

Jackie Medina

E. Director / Web Design Mentor

Being a mentor gives me an opportunity to exert positivity into our community by sharing my professional skills and experiences to support and inspire any techie. Donors encouraged to help support me on this journey because doing so is giving back to the community we live in and supporting a future techie finding their passion.

Sponsor Jackie Genius

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  • By donating to us, you are helping the community better understand technology

  • Donating directly connects you to a community in need

  • Giving back makes you happy, plain and simple

  • We provide tax receipts for each and every donation


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